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Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,050
Monthly Visitors: 1,700
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Our site reaches a loyal and ever widening base of readers. They choose us for our second-to-none commitment to accuracy and our range of unique multimedia (including dozens of original photographs). We pride ourselves on providing a unique and firsthand insight into visiting the infamous Loch Ness itself! Our policy is to bring our readers quality material they simply cannot find elsewhere (we know this because we took many of the photos ourselves!). attracts over 1,700 readers each month and continues to grow. A sitewide advert will be displayed over 5,000 times each month.

By far our biggest audience is in the USA. The UK, Canada and Australia take up 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively (in that order!). The US accounts for over 60% of our total visits. Other English speaking nations make up the majority of the rest. Many of our readers are fascinated by the utterly compelling nature of Nessie and the surrounding history of the legend. Others are in the latter stages of planning and booking their trips to Inverness and the loch.

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