History of the Loch Ness Monster

Nessie is not a new phenomenon as the following timeline shows.
However, in July 2003 the BBC concluded in this article that Nessie does not exist.
What do you think about it?

October 1871
D. Mackenzie describes something moving slowly before moving off at speed in Loch Ness.

May 2, 1933
The newspaper Inverness Courier carries a story of a local couple who reportedly saw "an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface."

August 11, 1933
A.H. Palmer allegedly witnesses 'Nessie' at 7 a.m. and describes the creature as having its head, which he saw from the front, set low in the water. Its mouth, which had a width of between twelve and eighteen inches, was opening and closing; its maximal mouth aperture was estimated to be about six inches.

April 19, 1934
R.K. Wilson allegedly takes the famous Surgeon's Photo which seemed to show a large creature with a long neck gliding through the water. Decades later on March 12, 1994, Marmaduke Wetherell claimed to have faked the photo after being hired by the Daily Mail to track down Nessie (the photo had by that time, been printed worldwide as 'absolute evidence'). Wetherell also stated that Wilson did not take the photo and his name was only used to give added credibility to the photo. In 1993, another man claimed to have been involved in such a hoax.

A group led by American patent lawyer Robert Rhines obtains some underwater photographs. One was a vague image, perhaps of a rhomboid flipper (others have argued the object could be air bubbles or a fish fin). On the basis of this photograph, they announced in 1975 that the scientific name of the monster would henceforth be Nessiteras rhombopteryx.

July 2003
The BBC reports that an extensive investigation of Loch Ness by a BBC team, using 600 separate sonar beams, found no trace of any "sea monster" in the loch. The BBC team concludes that "Nessie" does not exist.

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