Photo Usage Guidelines

The photos available in the gallery on this website (excluding the Loch Ness Monster Pictures) have all been taken by and are copyrighted. Usage of these images is restricted by the following guidelines.
  1. Personal, non-profit use
    All of our photos can be used for free on personal, non-profit & educational websites as long as the images are accompanied by the following text anywhere on the webpage containing the photo(s): "Loch Ness Photos ©" with a link back to See below for a recommended link code.

    Websites containing banners and text ads/affiliate links that have not automatically been placed by the provider are classified as commercial websites and are not allowed to use the photos for free.

  2. Commercial use
    If any of these photos are to be used on a commercial website the photos must be licensed. As we do not have fixed prices for using these photos it depends on your type of usage (online or print), number of visitors (if you plan to use any of these photos on a website) and more.
    If you want to use any of these photos for commercial purposes as defined before please send an email to and we will be happy to help you.
Additional guidelines
  • Each photo can be modified & converted as desired
  • The photos must not be linked directly from our site as this causes additional traffic costs

Recommended Link Code
If you need to link back to our website when using photos for personal, non-profit or educational use please use the code below on any website that contains any of our photos.

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